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  • Brand: Hukka
2 - 7 work­ing days

A small addition to your sauna with great effect: Sisukas will make your sauna stove bubble with joy! Just place the little fountain between the stones and fill it with water. If you like, you may add a few drops of fragrance oil. Sisukas is made in Finland from pure Finnish soapstone.
Art. 11021

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One of the three pillars of enjoying a sauna is sufficient humidity. Saunamaestro efficiently moistens sauna air, while its fountain creates a unique atmosphere. A large basin, in which you can also mix sauna fragrances, lengthens the life of the product. made of pure, unique soapstone ovet two billion years old, which withstands high temperatures.

Art. 11029
2 - 7 work­ing days
Poor sleeping posture, on your feet all day, too much heavy lifting, or the weather getting colder? In what part of your body do you usually feel the first tinges of pain? Most of us would answer: lower back. The meridians also flow through it, transferring aenery all over the body.

Enjoy provides gentle warmth (or cold, if necessary) to this important area. You can use it while watching TV or lying down, or even slip the stone under the waistband of your trousers and keep moving around.
2 - 7 work­ing days

Have you ever seen anything more strange than Orbits eye stones? In reality, if your eyes are tired from too much computer time or if previous evening was a tough one putting Orbits cooled in fridge around your eyes for a few minutes brings relief. Same way you can help your itching eyes suffering from allergic reactions