Wood Stoves

A wood-burning stove plays a key role in providing an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in a sauna. You might feel the whole pleasure and get health benefits being in the Finnish sauna with high-quality wood stoves from the best European manufacturers.

Amilano Store offers a wide range of products for the bath equipped with wood-burning stoves. In the Online Store Catalog, you will find wood stoves, boilers, chimneys and additional equipment from Harvia, IKI MARINE, KASTOR, TATPAR and NARVI. The production is certified and is recognized corresponding to the newest European standards of safety.

How to choose a wood-burning sauna heater for your sauna?

1) The power of a wood stove and the size of a steam room are important aspects when choosing. The power of a heater for a sauna must match the size of the room where it will be used. Taking too powerful wood stove for a small steam room is the same mistake as buying a low-power heater for a large room.

Important! In order for a wood-burning stove to perform its job successfully, you should load into it the amount of stones indicated by the manufacturer in the technical specifications.

2) The material used for the manufacture of a heater might be treated as the next criterion. Chrome steel is considered to be the best one. Finnish brands like Harvia, NARVI and other leading European manufacturers use it for the production of its products.

3) Equally important is the placement of a fire-box. Many of the models presented in our store, have the option to heat a sauna from another room. Their cost is slightly higher, but the improvement of fire safety and microclimate conditions in a steam room are guaranteed in such a way.

4) Additional functions of wood stoves. These include the presence of a steam generator, a water heater, a delayed start or remote launch control and control of work options.

A huge range of wood stoves presented in the Amilano Store will enable you to choose the models with different functionality and design that will fully satisfy your needs and expectations.

5 - 12 work­ing days
Der Saunaofen Narvi Velvet im skandinavischen Stil ist sowohl für die traditionelle als auch für die moderne Sauna geeignet. Dank der großen Steinfüllmenge können sogar die leidenschaftlichsten Saunafreunde den leichten sanften Dampf aus diesem Saunaofen lange genießen. Dieser Saunaofen hat einen Außenmantel, der aus zwei Teilen besteht, was die Füllung mit den Steinen sehr erleichtert. Durch die Glastür des Feuerraums kann man das Niveau der Flamme überwachen. Die Holzgriffe an der Feuerraumtür und an dem Aschekasten sind sehr bequem, weil sie sich unter hohen Temperaturen nicht stark erhitzten. Das Modell ist von Experten geprüft und genehmigt.