Wood-burning stoves, equipped with a built-in boiler (a water tank) is a popular solution for the buyers who want to save. You get a ready-made practical solution that differs with its multifunctionality and well-thought-out details. Special attention when buying this product should be paid to HARVIA and NARVI brands.

Examples of Wood-burning Stoves with a Built-in Tank

When searching for suitable solutions, look at the following or similar models:

  • NARVI NC 20 VS. The stove is designed in two models: with a tank on the right and on the left. The design is suitable for saunas and bathhouses with an average volume of 10-20 m³. The maximum load of stones is 50 kg. The tank is quite large - 23 litres, it is heated up in the process of the heating. The model itself has a very simple design, in universal graphite colour. The door is glass - you can watch the flame through it. A convenient handle, which is never heated up due to its material and a competent placement, as well as a convenient drawer for collecting ashes are the features of this design. This model has adjustable legs.
  • HARVIA 20 LS / RS PRO. These two models differ only in the location of a tank: it can also be on the right or left. These heaters are suitable for bathhouses with a volume of 8 to 20 m³; the volume of a tank is 30 litres. Like NARVI stoves, these designs have adjustable legs - this is very convenient during installation. The design of the models 20 LS / RS PRO is two-colour - a combination of black and steel. This design is universal, suitable for most bathhouses and saunas, regardless of the interior.
  • HARVIA 20 ES PRO. The difference of this model from the previous ones is that they are equipped with a smaller tank - it contains twenty litres of water. As a result, the heater itself is more compact, less heavy. The maximum amount of stone loading and the volume of the sauna itself are the same as for LS / RS PRO model.
  • HARVIA PREMIUM VS. This heater in silver colour will decorate any sauna. The model has a large tank of 30 litres, as well as the ability to install an additional tank on the pipe. Exterior covering - stainless steel of the top quality. The peculiarity of this furnace is that the water tank can be transferred to the other side.

All the Advantages of Boiler Stoves

The presence of a tank in a design itself saves you from having to re-purchase and install a tank, unless you need an additional one. The device is extremely easy to use - fill it with water and heat the stove, just like any other. The liquid will be heated up as the sauna is getting prepared for use. Such an operational system is ergonomic - you effectively use the energy that you get from solid fuels.

These heaters are safe, effective; they perfectly cope with their tasks. Despite the presence of a tank, they take up little space. In addition, the fact that the tank is already built into the system, it perfectly affects the exterior of the product - it looks neat within any bathhouse or a sauna.

Acquiring a wood-burning stove of this format, you get a complete solution on favourable terms.

Published : 2019-01-20 20:46:26

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