Electric Sauna Heaters

When choosing a sauna heater for a home sauna, it is necessary to take into account fire safety requirements. The best solution would be an electric stove. Its technical characteristics allow installation in apartments. In addition, an electricity-powered model is the best option in areas where it is difficult to get firewood, or do not want to be bothered with the installation and connection of equipment.

Other advantages of Electric Heaters:

• Compactness and easy to install;

• Turning on / off at any time;

• Environmentally friendly;

• Hygiene.

The ability to additionally use a steam generator offsets almost the only drawback of an electric heater - dry superheated air.

Types of Electric Sauna Heaters

1. First of all, all electric stoves differ in power and in the number of stones to be loaded. There are models, in which you need to upload 100-120 kilograms of stones. Such an electric heater will get warmed longer, but the heat will be more even, moreover, you can use it for large steam rooms and commercial saunas.

2. The modes availability. It is an important factor, because the ability to use the "Russian Bathhouse" mode will enable you to diversify your steaming "menu".

3. Design. The open type of the stove means an external display of stones. In addition to this, there are also thermal stoves. Stones are heated in a closed case. Once you open the lid, the sauna is ready for use in a few minutes.

4. Installation method. Wall - mounted models are installed on the wall with the aid of a brackets. Floor ones – are mounted onto legs.

The Amilano Store offers electric sauna stools of Finnish, German, and Swedish production, installed in baths and saunas. The wide model range allows you to choose a heater for home steam and commercial use.

€1,252.00 -€76.00
2 - 7 work­ing days
The set consisting of TYLÖ SENSE MPE PURE Electric Sauna Heater and TYLO PURE Remote Control is an excellent solution fit for a sauna of 4-12 m³. This compact but functional stove has a stylish design and all the possibilities to make visiting of a steam room the most enjoyable experience.
Stones are not included
€400.00 -€51.00
5 - 12 work­ing days

Harvia’s Glow pillar heater was designed to fulfill the needs of the most demanding sauna interior designers. Glow’s stylish and streamlined form factor provides for flexibility in sauna interior design. Its high pillar shape makes the sauna impressive. The majestic Glow is therefore like a crown at the center of the benches.

Stylish universal HARVIA GLOW is suitable for saunas with a capacity of 6 to 14 m3 - depending on the model chosen. The maximum load of stones is 90 kg (which are not included into the set)

Stones are not included

2 - 7 work­ing days
HARVIA CILINDRO H BLACK ELECTRO HEATER for saunas goes with three power options. The designs of 6.8 and 9 kW can contain 80 kg of stones; 10.8 kW model contains 120 kg of stones (not included into the set). Depending on the power option, an equipment can be installed in a steam room with a volume from 6 to 18 m3.
Stones are not included
5 - 12 work­ing days

HARVIA CILINDRO H EE is an electric heater equipped with an external control panel. It is designed for 90 kg load of stones and the volume of a steam room in the range of 6-14 m3. Stones are not provided with the set.

Stones are not included
5 - 12 work­ing days
The SAUNA HEATER HARVIA FORTE  has a classic design. The recommended size of the sauna room 5 m³ - 15 m³. The maximum amount of stones – 100 kg.
Stones are not included