Sauna Cabins

Ready-made sauna cabins are advantageous where the space is limited, for example, in apartments or small private houses. They differ in size and equipment and provide for the additional installation of a heater, steam generator, ventilation and after this processes conducted, they can be used.

The Amilano Online Store presents ready-made home mini-saunas, infrared steam rooms, garden bathhouses, and solid wood saunas. There is dry and wet steam inside. depending on the wishes, the owner can get necessary bathing procedures there. All materials used for cabins withstand humidity and high temperature changes. They are safe for human health.

5 - 12 work­ing days
  • Cabin made of solid spruce
  • Solid roof element with roof rim
  • “Emotion” interior made of lime wood
    • 3 x 62 cm benches
    • Head rests
    • Ventilation slides
    • Back rests
    • Intermediate bench panel
    • Heater safety guard
    • Floor grid
    • Lamp with protection without bulb