Steam Generators

5 - 12 work­ing days
For a pleasant steam room experience.

Harvia Helix is an oasis of relaxation and good feeling. Let the humid heat pamper your senses and forget time and rush for a moment.
Set includes
5 - 12 work­ing days

Less maintenance

We design our steam generators with great attention to detail. They are meant to withstand many years of use without interruption and with a minimum of attention. They are supplied with an automatic flush which can be set according to the water quality in your area.

5 - 12 work­ing days


Our new Commercial steam generator is fitted with a large water tank and designed to be easily connected to our Multisteam function – an effective way of avoiding stoppages in heavily used systems, as up to three steam generators can be connected to the same steam room. Steam generators require regular automatic flushing. This involves a 10-15 minute break in steam production each time. If you have several steam generators connected in the same system, flushing can take place without shutting down, as the Multisteam function ensures that one generator is always producing steam.

ilable for both iOS and Android.
5 - 12 work­ing days

This steam outlet is a high-efficiency, low-noise and slightly smaller steam outlet for steam rooms. Inspired by the exclusive Panacea steam bath, the Bahia Home steam outlet has a clean and simple design. It is made of high-gloss plastic and tempered safety glass panels that blend seamlessly with the rest of the interior. The Bahia Home has a modest price tag as its protective coating is made of a somewhat simpler material than that of the steam outlets for larger steam rooms.

5 - 12 work­ing days

The steam outlet of the Panacea, which has won acclaim for its design, is now on sale as a standalone product called Bahia Pro. It has a contemporary and stylish appearance, is made of tempered safety glass with an exclusive Corian® front panel and is highly suitable for large steam rooms.

5 - 12 work­ing days

The new tx202/w is a standalone steam column with both steam and shower options. Complete with glazed sections, a steam door and a plastic dome, our steam column makes it possible to transform any niche into a fully-functional steam room. The column comes with a hand shower, a shower head, and a steam nozzle. The shower head can be fixed at a height of between 2180 mm and 1960 mm, and adjusted sideways. The column has shelves for your necessities and Tylö’s new h1 control panel with touch control, making it easy for you to control the steam column.

5 - 12 work­ing days

Tylö’s tx202/g steam column is a truly flexible solution developed especially to convert a niche into a steam room. We have made a few modifications and added our sleek h1 control panel with touch control so you can easily control settings remotely. The inside has a standard steam nozzle, but we have added a new handheld / shower head combination. In addition to the tx202 g steam column, the product range also includes glazed sections 398/202, 588/202 and 778/202 and the 60g 202 steam door.