Infrared Elements

The infrared sauna is a new, perspective type of a bath. This is a sauna without a stove, and the IR emitters are the source of heat. They produce special heat waves that penetrate the body with safe heat, without heating or burning the air around, and act akin to the sunrays. Due to this parameter, infrared elements are considered the most economical option for the sauna heating.

Waves emitted by heaters are safe and useful. 30 minutes spent in infrared saunas are equal in intensity to two hours of visiting a bath.

Advantages of infrared emitters for saunas

Compactness and ease of use are the main advantages of infrared emitters for saunas. They are small, easy-to-assemble and dismantling, and have an appealing form. Do not require fuel other than electricity, and do not need constant monitoring of their work performance.

• Relatively inexpensive, economical. The infrared sauna consumes 80% less electricity than an electric heater.

  • No oxygen burnt when operating; thus, visiting a steam room will not cause headaches or weakness.
  • Quick Sauna Heating Up. Comparing to an electric stove, it takes 2 hours to heat up a sauna; the IR emitter takes 20 minutes respectively.

* Can be used in small rooms and apartments.

* No additional ventilation required.

  • The unit never gets hot, so mounting to walls and ceiling is allowed.

The installation of infrared heaters must be set in such a way as to assure uniform heating. No "empty" sites are allowed.

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